It’s day five here in St. Petersburg, Florida. Yes, Calvin College let us (a group of twenty students) fly to Florida to learn to sail, alongside two exceptional Michigan sailors, Scott Vander Linde and John Ubels, who we have affectionately begun to call, Scohn Ubellinde (their celebrity couple name).

Mr. Scott Vander Linde
Mr. Scott Vander Linde
Mr. John Ubels
Mr. John Ubels

This first post is a tad late, better late than never I suppose, and the twenty of us who are here have bonded and have been more or less forced to get to know one another within the last 5 days. I say, “more or less forced,” because upon the second day of our arrival, each of us were literally thrown onto sailboats with people we had known for around 24 hours with nothing but a three-ish hour long class on basic terms and skills and a life vest.

And what an awakening that was.

But since that first Tuesday, it now being Saturday, each of us has improved immensely in our sailing skills in the last four days. Learning to steer a sailboat, man the sheets, rescue an overboard passenger, and most importantly, tack and jibe.


Today we have our first field trip (as if this trip wasn’t enough) to Myakka River State Park to canoe with alligators (yikes – if we survive, there will be pics to come), and after that, weather permitting, a beachy afternoon awaits at Siesta Key. In the words of Captain Richard, “Wahoo.”


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