Yesterday was the day.

We graduated from the big keelboats on which we learned to sail, to the 420’s – sailboats that require only a two person crew, a lot of wind (no motors), and a lot more skill than most of us initailly had.


There was a lot of hype about these small boats before we actually started using them, and the way our instructors had talked, it’s safe to say that many of us had assumed we would be in the water much more than we would be in the boat.


We began with a short, in-class lesson about how to maneuver in these new boats as well as a lesson on how to capsize…

I think it’s quite natural – the nerves we all were feeling – because when someone teaches you how to recover after flipping your boat over, you begin to question what exactly you are getting yourself into.


Luckily, there were no accidental capsizings – the first day (haha sorry Adam and Jenny), and when we tried to capsize on purpose, we all escaped with nothing more than a few minor scrapes and bruises and a small amount of visual scarring (thanks again to Adam for that one).

Stay tuned for next week when we, after only a day and a half of experience, attempt to race these things.


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