Mote Marine Lab

Today our class had the opportunity to embrace our inner marine biologist on our visit to Mote Marine Lab in Sarasota, Florida.


After the hour-ish drive from our hotel to the Lab, we were [mostly] refreshed and ready to see the wildlife at Mote. Not only did we see the animals, we were able to learn about the wildlife we saw through talking to the friendly and helpful volunteers at the lab.

IMG_1554 IMG_1555 IMG_91051 IMG_90361

Being able to touch some of the animals in interactive exhibits was arguably our group’s favorite part of the trip.

IMG_90601 IMG_90571 IMG_90521 10537455_10203671195602948_1976157257014224843_o 10926382_10203671219003533_6609057209440234437_n 10899995_10203671196002958_7201400823150160040_o

Clownfish, jellyfish, urchins, lionfish, dolphins and cuttlefish are just a few examples of the creatures exhibited at Mote. Most of us were particularly interested in seeing the Manatees, due to a lack of sightings while out on our sailing excursions. Upon seeing them in person, there was cumulative group conclusion that manatees aren’t as majestic as our classmate Stacie built them up to be.

IMG_90391 IMG_90371 IMG_1577 IMG_1568 IMG_1561


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